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If you have any questions that you want answers to, or you just want to say something to let it out of your mind, feel free to send them in the ask box. You can send messages anonymously if you like, or if you have any private messages let me now :)


Hey! I completely feel you ahaha I’m flying to uni next week and I’m so so nervous also. I know what you mean that it’ll be scary - a new country and not knowing anybody there. On the bright side you’ll get to meet tons of new people and have new experiences! If you have anything in the past that you want to forget about, this is the perfect opportunity. Not saying that you should change who you are, but you can become a better version of yourself - do you get what I’m saying? As the date comes closer you’ll become more excited than scared! Right now I’ve started packing and I’m feeling really excited to start a new life in another country!

It’s hard to know if somebody is fake at first though, but once you get to know them, then it’ll be easier to know if they’re fake. You’ll kind of have a gut feeling about them. Bullying is kind of inevitable, especially at school. Everybody has been bullied before, but thats just a life experience! If you don’t associate yourself with the bullies, and don’t cause trouble, then you’re most likely not going to get bullied :)